Hmmm…might be time for me to cutback on the red meat. In recent news, the USDA just ordered the nation’s largest recall of beef.

How large is large you ask? Well, they are recalling 140 million pounds of meat – which you know, I tend to believe is a pretty high number, considering the recall before that was a mere 35 million pounds. Am I missing something or am I correct in thinking that with all the advances we have made in the food industry that this sort of thing shouldn’t happen?

Basically the premise of the need to recall this beef is that there has been an undercover investigation that exposed the manufacturing farm as passing along cows that failed to receive complete inspection.

From the article:

“Federal officials suspended operations at Westland/Hallmark after an undercover video from the Humane Society of the United States surfaced showing crippled and sick animals being shoved with forklifts.”

Are you getting that feeling in your stomach too? You know, the feeling of dread when you decided too late that you shouldn’t be on this rollercoaster?