Hey folks, I’ve been working on getting things redesigned here and having WordPress hosted elsewhere – so I’m getting excited about that. Alot of planning and thinking about where I want Antibio.tech to go…stay tuned.

Since I started blogging in October of last year, I’ve met alot of great people through Twitter and through comments on the blog. As I first began writing, I figured that ideas would just pop into my head and I would write (keeping within context of the blog of course) about whatever I thought was important. Since evolving my interests, I’ve decided to talk about why I’m blogging here.

  1. Transfer of Ideas. I need a place to funnel good ideas into print form, that I want to share with others.
  2. Share and Share Alike. I like sharing information with other people. If I find something that I think will benefit you in some shape or form, I’d like to share it. Usually interesting links can be found on the left side here – my Del.icio.us links.
  3. Healthier You Equals Healthier Others. The main focus here is on health and personal technology. If I can change or influence 1 thing in your way of thinking (for the better hopefully), there is a good chance you will share that with another. Or at the very least, influence another through your very own changed actions.
  4. I like people. One of the things I’ve learned while working with social media is that the opportunities to connect with great people are certainly available! One of the individuals who has definitely shown me that despite having “status” in the social media community, they still care about talking to you, is Chris Brogan. The methods of communications tend to even out the barriers to get to know them. I mean, I even got to have a convo with Guy Kawasaki on Twitter!
  5. A Career is a Journey. Personal branding anyone?
  6. I’m Having Fun! Over at the Success Begins Today blog, I read a recent post on viewing blogging as either a chore or something to look forward to doing. I don’t feel any signs of burnout coming on so I’m still very excited about blogging. One of the pieces of advice I’ve heard time and time again regarding blogging and career direction is to do something you are passionate about. And I can happily say that I am passionate about what I write about here!

Well those are my reasons, what are yours? Do you have a reason for not blogging?

If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to cover or highlight in any way, please don’t hesitate to let me know!