Recently, there was an award ceremony that took place which celebrated and profiled the best startups and web/tech innovations of 2007. The Crunchies – named after the popular TechCrunch website, happened on Friday, January 18th.

Winning for Best New Startup, was a company called iMedix, an online destination that combines the elements of search and a social network to revolutionize the way people find and share health information online.

Tonight, I just signed up for the service to get a better idea of how they operate. Initially, it seems that the sharing facet will make it more of a community than simply a search engine/send email to a friend type of website. I personally think that creating a community in the Health 2.0 world will make a huge difference in how we interact with the information that we do find. Once we get the information, we want to know what others think about it and how it pertains to their lives – as well as our own.

iMedix goes on to mention that they had one thing in mind when creating the site: “the more people use it – the better it gets.

This really gets me motivated to become part of the community. However, another thought that pops into my head is the notion of the wiki and how Wikipedia has come under fire numerous times because of their user-editing process. One thing that I really want to happen with these types of websites is that the content get vetted in a way that random junk isn’t passed around. Sometimes people have different views on what’s healthy and what isn’t – as well as what is correct information found on the Web.

With all that said, I’m happy iMedix and Health 2.0 for that matter, got some spotlight and this can only mean good things for the stuff I’m interested in!