Hey folks, this morning my friend Leslie alerted me to a situation brewing in the DC music scene. There is an upcoming show at the Black Cat tomorrow, Jan 16, featuring Yeasayer.

Here is the problem:

The show has already been sold out but only because the band was booked in the smaller room at the Black Cat. Now if they move the show upstairs to the larger room, there would be enough room for at least 300 more tickets!! There are plenty of disappointed fans out there that could still benefit if it gets moved! I don’t know about you but that seems like a win-win situation for both the Black Cat and Yeasayer’s die hard fans!

What you can do:

There is a Facebook page already created where fans of the group (and fans of the way social media drives a cause!) are getting together. The group is growing, so check it out! Also, Leslie, Brian and I are on Twitter to make even more people aware.

Thanks in advance!

**LATEST UPDATE found hereĀ 

Thanks for the support folks