Tiffany over at the awesome Personal PR blog wrote down 8 random facts about herself – I like that. The more I have been exposed to the social media world awesomness of the connected Web, the more I realize how much I enjoy getting to know people. I have to admit, from my mid-teens to college, I just knew that my life would consist of charts, graphs and working at NASA. But here I am now, communicating with people online and feeling so passionate about creating community and ensuring the health of people. And you know what? This is me.

Let’s begin:

  1. From second grade to the middle of fourth, I attended a Jewish elementary school  where I learned how to read and write in Hebrew (good ole Aleph Bet books). No I can’t remember alot of it but yes I did have a great time.
  2. As a kid, I toured the galaxy from a large cardboard box as Captain Nimbus (yes the cloud type). This is where I got my interest in space and later, aerospace engineering.
  3. As a young teen, I learned the basics of fencing, boxing, riflery and horseback riding in the mountains of Medicine Hat, Alberta (Canada). Was a summer camp that I will never forget.
  4. I want to visit Japan really bad.
  5. I was a bully in elementary school (!). I’m one of the good guys now – group hug?
  6. I went to college for Aerospace Engineering, got a Public Health degree instead.
  7. I secretly want to join SWAT – love law enforcement stuff.
  8. Finally, I love to dress up. Suit, tuxedo, all that…

Well there you have it folks – hope you enjoyed!

As mentioned by Tiffany, this post is part of the ongoing Crazy 8 for ’08 meme. Next up, I’d like to tag Leslie, Jesse, Kaitlyn, Qui, and Pam. Who knows WHAT we’ll find out??