Sound advice for architects, construction workers and…web geeks?

One of the things that I aim to do over the next few weeks is to come up with ways in which personal technology and social media can be established in the public health/health education world. I really want to wrap my head around solid strategies and ideas to help communicate information about healthy behaviors using these fairly recent innovations.

To help with that, I’ve been surrounding myself with knowledge on social media practices and what’s going on in the health world. Today, Chris Brogan wrote a post about what he has put together as a “Social Media Starter Pack”! In all the excitement and hoopla that comes along with the blogosphere, tagging, and Twittering – just like anything else, we have to have a base for understanding. I think he really hits it on the head with this post. I’m guilty too! Who doesn’t want to try out the new beta version of something new even if it isn’t relevant to them in any way?? oh….ok well then I’M the nerd, not YOU.

So, thanks for slowing me down Chris and making me seriously assess what’s going on and how it can help my field! Also, he is doing a series of 100 posts called The Social Media 100 where he will dedicate himself to writing 100 consecutive useful posts about “the tools, techniques, and strategies behind using social media for your business, your organization, or your own personal interests.”

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