Fall Leaves

Well it’s that wonderful time of year again, where families get together, the oven gets overworked and you already know what your New Year’s resolution will be as you reach for that last piece of pumpkin pie.

I’ll be hanging out with my wife’s family where there will no doubt be a bevy of great food, laughter and new memories. However, I’m really looking forward to playing the Nintendo Wii that they bought for the living room. So I’m thinking that since I’m the family evangelist for health, I can eat what I want and burn it off with a few sweat-inducing rounds of Wii Sports Tennis! Wishful thinking at best but I can dream can’t I?

My good friend Melissa, who turns out to be an uber expert on nutrition and lifestyle balance, had a great piece published recently in The Georgetowner. The article focuses on staying grounded in good foods this Thanksgiving. Not only does the recipe for Roasted Root Vegetables sound delicious but taking a look at the Root Vegetable Ginger Soup recipe makes me want to keep a batch of that around for the cold winter nights and potential stuffy noses!

Remember to enjoy yourself, strike up a conversation with a family member you haven’t seen in a while and get some rest. Out of the many, many days of the year where we are plugged into Blackberries, laptops and cell phones 24/7, take some time out to return to [insert your name here] 1.0