Photo by Eski on Flickr

What I mean by that is, has the topic of health and making improvements in health, lost the race in getting our attention?

As I was sitting on the Metro, escaping the frostiness of the evening, I whipped out the latest Time magazine issue that caught my attention. This was mainly due to the fact that it had a giant iPhone on the cover with pretty colors! So the flagship portion of the issue highlighted the best inventions of 2007, with the iPhone being the touted as the Invention of the Year. Now of course the sight of gadgets and electronics puts me in a mood akin to that of a child at Toys ‘R Us, but then I took a deeper look at the article, after flipping through all the eye candy of inventions.

On the right side of the pages that contained this article, there was a list of categories in which inventions were highlighted. What I noticed was that the category of “health” was third, sixth, last…that’s right last. Now maybe I’m reading too much into the situation but you have to wonder how the categories were ordered. How does “architecture” come before health….architecture?

If we actually take a step back and look at all the cool toys and gadgets that come out, all the computer related bling, the big screen TVs and the Mars Rover – how well does health rank in our list of importance? One of the most interesting inventions in the category is a highlight on prosthetic technology. It just felt like there was something missing for personal health gadgets or software. I mean, even though I haven’t taken a hard look at it, Microsoft’s HealthVault might have been a good candidate!

Bottomline is, I really feel people may have drooled and cackled with futuristic glee at the other categories but skipped past the health section or at the very least, looked at a giant metal foot, yawned and continued through to the next section. I’m not saying that there needs to be a sexiness factor to health but I’m feeling that if it’s not a revolutionary weight loss pill – personal health comes in last place and people have already left the stadium.

For more information on the Best Inventions of the Year, check out the November 12th issue of Time