As a quick point to one of my heavy interests and what this blog will try to touch on regularly, is the topic of social media.

With all the buzz generated around websites like Facebook (my personal fave), MySpace, blogging, vlogging (video blogging) as well as terms like “tagging” and “posts” – does it actually mean much? Well in my opinion, very much so. Think of this phenomenon as a way in which to potentially reach out to people in a meaningful manner – sharing a ton of information and becoming more educated about things you’re interested in, from ideas and conversations, rather than a one dimensional “read me and this is the final word” way of reading a book.

There is so much still going on in this area so my recommendation would be to just dive in and start participating. I most definitely am not an expert but I do learn quickly and learning by doing is the best way to go with this.

I came across an e-book that pretty much sums up the main areas associated with social media – it’s aptly titled “What is Social Media?” Thanks to Digital Digressions for the link.